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2018 China Investment and Financing Forum Chinese Legal Practice Forum The annual meeting of the Law Society of Zhejiang Law Society
Release time:2019-02-15

       On November 24, 2018, the China Investment and Finance Forum, the China Law Practice School Forum and the Annual Conference of the Commercial Law Research Association of Zhejiang Law Society were held in Hangzhou. With the theme of "enterprise investment and financing, credit and protection of rights and interests", this forum focuses on the difficult problems of project selection, investment and financing, enterprise credit, risk prevention and protection of rights and interests. China Investment and Finance Forum is an innovative version of China Venture Capital Forum, which is characterized by striding across the legal and economic fields. More than 300 delegates from institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, government and judicial departments, financial institutions, enterprises and law firms attended the forum.

        Cao Wenlian, President of the International Federation of Silk Road Industry and Finance, Director of the Academic Committee of the International Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission, Yu Huarong, Secretary-General, Executive Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General of the Party Group of the Chinese Invention Association, Xu Jianxin, Vice-President of the Zhejiang Higher People's Court, Hu Donglin, Deputy Procurator-General of the Zhejiang People's Procuratorate, Niu Taisheng, Director of the Academic Committee of the Zhejiang Law Wang Wei, deputy director of the Academic Exchange Center, attended the meeting and gave a keynote speech. Professor Qian Hongdao, member of the Central Committee for Civil Construction, deputy director of the Central Legal Committee for Civil Construction, Professor of Guanghua Law School of Zhejiang University, President of the Chinese School of Rule of Law and honorary director of Beijing Great Way Great Win Law Firm, delivered a speech on behalf of the sponsors. The opening ceremony of the forum was presided over by Zhang Wei, Vice President of All-China Women's Lawyers Association, Vice President of Beijing Lawyers Association and Director of Beijing Hehong Weiyu Law Firm.


Speech by Qian Hongdao

Professor Qian Hongdao outlined and analyzed the theme of the forum from four aspects: financing, credit, risk and protection of rights and interests. Professor Qian pointed out that it is a fact that there are many difficulties in the survival and development of private enterprises, but private enterprises will never leave. The central government's unswerving policy to support the development of private enterprises will not change, and all difficulties will be overcome in the development.

Cao Wenlian's Speech

Cao Wenlian, chairman of the International Federation of Silk Road Industry and Finance and director of the Academic Committee of the International Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission, made an in-depth analysis of the investment and financing reform in five aspects. First, we need to start a new round of reform of investment and financing system, focusing on the reform of financing system. Secondly, we should re-recognize the relationship between direct financing and indirect financing. Thirdly, we should further strengthen the positive role of policy-oriented or developmental finance. Fourthly, we should rethink and reconstruct the investment and financing management system at the central and local levels. Fifthly, we should speed up consolidating the legal basis of market economy and oppose the erroneous bias of confronting state-owned enterprises with private enterprises, government with market, and Sino-US relations.

Yu Huarong's Speech

Xu Jianxin's Speech

Hu Donglin's Speech

Niu Taisheng's Speech

Wang Wei's speech

Zhang Wei presided over the opening ceremony.

        Liao Bin, Vice President of China Railway Investment Group, Hu Xiaoping, Chairman of Zhejiang Zhongda Group Investment Co., Ltd., Wang Shiyu, Chairman of Fuguo Fumin Capital, International Well-known Capital Operation and Merger Expert, Li Xuanle, Vice President of Hangzhou International Arbitration Institute, Researcher of International Strategy and Law Institute of Zhejiang University, Liu Yi, Strategic Expert of Huarui Investment Group, and the global headquarters of Beijing Yingke Law Firm. Tension of partners, directors, CEO, management partners and other entrepreneurs and related experts of Zhejiang Business Venture Capital Co., Ltd. travelled eastward to attend the forum and give speeches.

     In view of the current situation that the economic situation at home and abroad, such as the acceleration of deleveraging and the Sino-US trade war, has an impact on investment and financing, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs have conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on how to solve the crisis and seize opportunities, and how to safeguard the rights and interests of all parties involved in investment and financing. The conference also discussed the difficulties of investment and financing in the construction of new urban areas through the special discussion on investment and financing of new urban areas in the new era. The chairman of Fuguo Fumin Capital, Wang Shiyu, an internationally renowned capital operation and merger expert, Liu Yi, a strategic expert of Huarui Investment Group, Li Chunping, Vice President of Beijing City Control Group, Director of Beijing Jianjiu Group, Deputy President Liu Jiajun and other entrepreneurs and relevant experts expressed their views on the construction of new urban areas in the new era in light of their practical work and professional research fields. At the same time, professional and pertinent opinions and suggestions on innovative investment and financing modes in new urban areas are put forward.

Certification Ceremony for Special Experts of Hongdao Academy Think Tank Committee

1818 Wisdom Forensic Platform Multilingual Initiation Ceremony

Publishing Ceremony of Hangzhou Branch of PCCW Private Wealth Center

The forum also held a ceremonial ceremony for special experts of Hongdao Academy think tank committee, a multilingual launching ceremony of 1818 Intelligent Legal Platform and a listing ceremony of Hangzhou Branch of PCCW Private Wealth Center. Cheng Zhuo, member of the Central Committee of Civil Construction, chairman of Cheng Siwei Fund and professor of Art Department of University of Electronic Science and Technology, presided over the ceremony.