Beijing Great Way Great Win Law Firm

Beijing Overseas Chinese Union Service Base for Overseas Chinese

Actively Promote the Spirit of Rule of Law and Protect the Legal Rights and Interests of Overseas Chinese in accordance with the Law

The "Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on comprehensively advancing several major issues concerning the rule of law" adopted by the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, including the protection of the rights and interests of overseas Chinese in accordance with the law, is a high priority and great support for overseas Chinese affairs, and has far-reaching significance.

To safeguard the interests of overseas Chinese is to represent the rights and interests of returned overseas Chinese and their relatives, to improve the understanding of the whole society by studying and publicizing the overseas Chinese law; to strengthen the protection of overseas Chinese according to law through various forms and channels; to enhance the letters and visits through sound networks and channels. The effectiveness of the work; through the in-depth grassroots, coordination of all parties, improve the quality of service for overseas Chinese.

Maintaining the Service Station of Overseas Chinese Law Firms

Great Way Great Win Law Firm is a legal affairs service station for safeguarding the interests of overseas Chinese in Beijing.Since its listing, in accordance with the requirements of "actively safeguarding rights, scientifically safeguarding rights and safeguarding rights according to law" of the Federation of Overseas Chinese, It has provided high-quality legal services to the overseas Chinese community and contributed actively to the promotion of social harmony and stability in the Capital.

Providing Convenient and Timely Legal Support and Services

Establishing legal affairs service stations to safeguard the interests of overseas Chinese is an important measure of strengthening the work of safeguarding the interests of overseas Chinese by the Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation. The establishment of service stations will provide convenient and fast legal support and services for organizations of overseas Chinese federations at all levels, associations of overseas Chinese and relatives of returned overseas Chinese.

After listing, the service station will provide free telephone consultation, mailbox question-and-answer service, door-to-door service, legal counsel, on-site consultation, legal aid and other voluntary services for the people of the overseas Chinese community. The service contents and standards will be further enhanced. Dr. Zhang Wei, Director of Great Way Great Win Law Firm, has been engaged in legal services for more than 30 years; she has been engaged in overseas Chinese-related service for more than 20 years and has rich experience in handling foreign-related disputes. She also serves as a member of the Legal Adviser Committee of the China Federation of Overseas Chinese to provide legal services to overseas Chinese. Under the leadership of Director Zhang Wei, we have provided legal services for the overseas Chinese for 21 years and provided over 3,000 free legal advices to them. Every Wednesday is a day of consultation on legal services to overseas Chinese on a full-time basis to provide pro bono legal services for those who are in difficulty.