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    Maritime issues

    · Ship collisions, run around and run on rocks;

    · Ship damage, breeding facilities, marine and submarine facilities;

    · Ship engineering product quality responsibility;

    · Illegal detention of ships, cargo, ship materials, fuel, spares;

    · Marine pollution and decontamination;

    · Marine salvage, towing and wreck salvage;

    · General average;

    · Personal casualties at sea;

    · Maritime fraud;

    · Other maritime infringement cases.

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    Real estate and construction engineering

    · Providing legal advisory services for real estate enterprises, including daily legal consultation, risk prevention suggestions, contract review, etc.

    · Real estate development legal services, including land development, Industrial Park development, urban complex development, real estate sales and leasing, property operations and services;

    · Real estate mergers and acquisitions, reorganization, liquidation, transactions involving the entry of state-owned property rights;

    · Representing in real estate industry case disputes, including real estate project transfer, cooperative development disputes, land acquisition disputes, construction contract disputes, housing sales contract disputes, state-owned property rights trading disputes and other cases;

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    Air / car

    · The restructuring, listing, mergers and acquisitions and refinancing of airlines, car companies;

    · The legal services for aircraft, automobile manufacturers and dealers in franchise management;

    · The establishment, operation localization and compliance management consultation for foreign-funded enterprises and Sino-foreign joint ventures;

    · Civil airport project development, construction, operation, property management legal services;

    · Protection of intellectual property rights and trade secrets of aviation vehicle projects;

    · Large shipment trading, related import and export, taxation of aircraft, automobiles and related engines and components;

    · Legal services in the field of customs;

    · leasing and financing of large-scale assets such as aircraft and automobiles;

    · Anti-monopoly services in the field of aviation and automobile;

    · Legal services related to international air cargo transportation and passenger transportation;

    · All kinds of dispute resolution business in aviation / automobile field;

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    Cultural and publishing legal services

    · The establishment, investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions of cultural and publishing enterprises legal services

    · The survey of market access and administrative policies of culture and publishing enterprises;

    · The integration of culture and publishing enterprises with other industries;

    · Legal consultants for cultural and publishing enterprises, with particular attention to capital control, management structure, intellectual property protection, business model legal risks, corporate investment and financing, litigation and arbitration legal services, etc.

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    Telecommunications services, communications manufacturing and high technology

    · Legal services related to the licensing and admission of various value-added telecommunications services;

    · Compliance analysis and suggestions concerning telecommunications services;

    · Telecommunications enterprises financing, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and other services;

    · Legal services related to due diligence, investment structure design, drafting documents and transaction delivery in the investment process of telecommunications and telecommunications enterprises;

    · Network operation, personal information and privacy protection, data collection and transmission and other related legal services;

    · Legal services related to the compliance with network security system;

    · Legal services related to E-commerce platform construction, operation;

    · Internet finance, P2P network lending 

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    Internet, media and entertainment

    · The development and operation of online games including compliance review, infringement disputes, copyright disputes legal services;

    · Copyright licensing, transfer and adaptation of copyright works, piracy disputes legal services;

    · Internet advertising compliance review and resolution disputes related to advertising law;

    · Network live broadcast, network video, network music performance legal services;

    · Network security, privacy and data security;

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    Intellectual property

    · Intellectual property infringement litigation;

    · Unfair competition and trade secret litigation;

    · The application and registration of patents, trademarks, copyrights and IC layout;

    · Intellectual property rights due diligence, licensing and trading;

    · Intellectual property administrative protection procedures;

    · Anti-counterfeiting products and customs intellectual property protection;

    · Intellectual property Enterprises Management;

    · Patent pool convening, necessary patent assessment and patent licensing policy;

    · Assisting clients in dealing with overseas issues, including surveys of intellectual property rights procedures;

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    Company ownership structure

    · Planning and arranging the ownership structure of the company for the long-term development

    · Conducting the legal audit on the advantages and disadvantages of the current situation of equity arrangement, and making legal risk assessment accordingly;

    · Planning the shareholding structure arrangement of the shareholding transformation / shareholding cooperative transformation of state-owned enterprises;

    · Process of M&A/restructuring, planning and designing the ownership structure which can achieve the customer's transaction purpose and maximize the profit;

    · Designing and arranging ownership structure in MBO, trust and other equity transfer or investment and financing;

    · Planing the most effective adjustment plan of ownership structure;

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    Labor law

    · Providing all-round services from employee recruitment to employee dismissal, drafting, review, revising labor contract, employee manual, non-competition agreement, salary system and other human resources management documents;

    · Providing advice on staff transfer and placement in the process of restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, dealing with staff reduction plans, participating in negotiations with employees;

    · Providing cross-border labor legal services, such as personnel arrangement, legal application, employment and residence in China for transnational and cross-border dispatch of ordinary staff or senior managers;

    · Providing consultation for enterprises to deal with the problems of crimes and corruption committed by senior employees, assisting enterprises in investigating and collecting evidence, and dissolving labor relations among employees who violate regulations;

    · Providing advice on the retention of key employees in the process of mergers and acquisitions, draft, review and revise the golden parachute plan and equity incentive plan for senior managers of multinational companies in China;

    · Dealing with trade union law-related matters, such as drafting, reviewing and modifying collective contracts, participating in collective bargaining, guiding enterprises to form trade unions and handling disputes, guiding enterprises to declare, pay social insurance, and transfer social insurance relations, etc.

    · Providing legal advice for enterprises on social insurance and welfare compliance issues.

  • Open

    · Tax policy analysis of investment entry and exit;

    · Investment structure design;

    · Tax planning for corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, including pre marketing restructuring;

    · Tax planning for financing;

    · Tax planning for high-income individuals and corporate executives;

    · Tax optimization supply chain management planning;

    · Corporate daily tax advice;

    · Tax planning for import and export;

    · Transfer pricing;

    · Tax dispute resolution;