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Beijing Great Way Great Win Law Firm Opens Office in Auckland, New Zealand
Release time:2019-02-15

     On October 6, 2018 Beijing Great Way Great Win Law Firm set up an office in Auckland, New Zealand, which is the second overseas office of Great Way Great Win Law Firm.

      The office is located in Honghuo Law firm’s office, a well-known law firm in Auckland, New Zealand. Great Way Great Win Law Firm and Honghuo Law Firm will set up mutual offices. The two sides will work together to develop the international legal service market.

     Chairman of the New China Trade Promotion Association and Zhiyun, Cheng Jiagang, Standing Committee and Organizational Minister of Xiangyang Municipal Committee of Hubei Province, Meng Yanqing, Mayor of Zaoyang City, and more than 100 legal experts and overseas Chinese leaders attended the unveiling ceremony of the New Zealand Office of Beijing Great Way Great Win Law Firm at 109 Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand.

      Beijing Great Way Great Win Law Firm is the first internationalized law firm in China, which is characterized by the close combination of legal theory research and legal practice. It is the experimental field of the Chinese Rule of Law practice school. Great Way Great Win Law Firm Law Firm practices the spirit of "unity of knowledge and practice" and upholds the concept of "joint efforts to promote the road, the great cause for thousands of years; China under the rule of law, Megatron Universe" and makes every effort to be true. We are striving for the Chinese dream of rule of law.

       Beijing Great Way Great Win Law Firm has strong strength and resources in international financial mergers and acquisitions, international trade, all the way and overseas investment, litigation arbitration, criminal defense, intellectual property rights, Internet and many other legal services.

     As the service base of Beijing Overseas Chinese Office and the Department of safeguarding the interests of overseas Chinese of the Chinese Federation of Overseas Chinese, the Law Firm has a professional team of international legal services, and has rich experience and wide influence in foreign-related and overseas Chinese legal services.

       For many years, the Law Institute has provided professional legal support to the Global Consular Protection and Services Emergency Call Center 12308 hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assist the national consular protection work. Law firms have set up free legal service advisory days for overseas Chinese. They have provided legal services to overseas Chinese compulsorily for 21 years, and provided tens of thousands of legal advisory services for overseas Chinese free of charge.

        In 2015, the predecessor of Great Way Law Firm, Great Win Law Firm, initiated the establishment of the Global Alliance of Foreign Legal Services. In 2018, the Secretariat of Great Way Rule of Law Alliance was established in Great Win Law Firm. The Global Alliance of Foreign Legal Services, in conjunction with the Wanshihongdao Rule of Law Alliance, has innovatively developed and applied the "1818 Intelligent Legal Platform", covering the major languages of the world, to provide one-stop legal services for overseas Chinese and Chinese corporate citizens. At present, there are regional liaison centers in the United States, Germany, Spain, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa and other countries.

       Founded in 2003, Hongjun Law Firm is the largest Chinese-owned law firm in New Zealand. It has three branches in the heart of Auckland, North Shore and Manuka, and has liaison offices in Wellington, the capital of the city, and Christchurch in the South Island. It is currently the only lawyer in Asia and has the most lawyers in Asia and Asian lawyers. The building is also the largest new immigration attorney building in New Zealand.

     Mr. Hu Hong, the founder of Hongjun Law Firm, is the only New York-based barrister with international notary qualifications from China. He is also a court and attorney registered in Australia and New Zealand. In 2006, he was elected as the first president by the Hubei Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand. In 2008, he signed the China-Singapore Free Trade Agreement with the Prime Minister of New Zealand at the Great Hall of the People and the then Premier Wen Jiabao. In 2010, he was unanimously recommended by the three major international certification lawyers of New Zealand. After the New Zealand Law Society and the High Court confirmed it, and after the approval of the British International Notary Lawyers Committee, Hu Hong became the first and only internationally certified lawyer from the mainland.

        In 2014, during the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Auckland, Hu Hong was appointed by the Chinese Consulate as an on-site lawyer who provided legal support for the unexpected incidents, which proved the local influence and credibility of Mr. Hu and Hongjun Law Firm.

       The strong alliance between Great Way Great Win Law Firm and Great Way Great Win Law Firm will help the two sides to share resources and actively explore legal business cooperation in the fields of international investment and trade, international mergers and acquisitions and restructuring, and intellectual property protection. Sino-foreign economic and trade cooperation contributes.

       With the establishment of overseas offices, the business of Great Way Great Win Law Firm is steadily moving toward globalization, and its overseas influence continues to expand. As a representative of Chinese law firms and Chinese legal persons, Great Way Great Win Law Firm will be dedicated to demonstrating the style of Chinese legal persons on the international stage and contributing to the escort of Chinese enterprises and citizens to go out for the “Belt and Road” " contributing to the realization of the great rule of law in China."