• Open
    Private equity

    · The comprehensive analyze of legal investment structure of purchasing projects, establishment of a program of providing funds for corporate fiduciary, including The choice of fund legal form, the determination of the fund scale, the choice of the location of the fund establishment, the establishment of the fund management team, etc;

    · Advisory opinions on tax issues related to fund establishment and investment projects, key provisions for the core legal documents of the fund;

    · Negotiations with the fund partners, drafting relevant documents on the internal governance of the fund;

    · Drafting of the investment plan of the fund, due diligence, agreement drafting and negotiation services for the fund;

    · Providing legal advice on the withdrawal of the investment from the fund, providing services for fund registration, providing solutions;

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    Futures trading

    · Accepting the entrustment of futures investors, futures companies, futures exchanges, futures industry associations and other institutional organizations, assisting the establishment of the organization, draft the establishment documents, shareholder agreements, institutional charters, trading rules, futures contracts, etc;

    · Representing litigation and arbitration in futures cases, entrusted by futures investors, futures companies, futures exchanges, and futures industry associations etc;

  • Open

    · The establishment and asset management of securities investment funds;

    · Corporate bonds;

    · Financial bonds;

    · Short-term financing bonds;

  • Open
    Mergers and acquisitions of listed companies

    · Listed companies lawyer services;

    · Pre-listing reorganization;

    · Pre-listing private finance;

    · Domestic and cross border initial public offerings (IPO);

    · Listed companies refinance (including stock, convertible bonds, bond depository receipts, REITS and other financing tools;

    · Domestic and overseas reverse merger;

    · continued information disclosure after listing;

    · Acquisition, merger, separation, major asset restructuring, delisting and resumption of listing of listed companies;

    · Share splitting and repurchase of listed companies;

    · Governance structure of listed companies;

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    Banking and finance

    · All-year-round financial institutions legal advisory;

    · Financial innovations’ assistance and other legal services related to legal dispute handling;

    · Auditing of law compliance by financial institutions, risk identification and prevention system construction;

    · Drafting, revision and examination of the financial institution`s standard documents form;

    · Business loan, policy-related loans, syndicated loan, import and export credits, project financing, real estate financing and other commercial financing;

    · Domestic and foreign financial leasing;

    · Bond issuance, including short-term financing vouchers, medium-term vouchers, corporate bonds, financial bonds and other bonds;

    · Establishment of banks and non-bank financial institutions, market access for foreign financial institutions, participation of foreign banks and investment in China and other legal matters;

    · Preparing and Opening of Commercial Banks and Issuing Stocks on the Stock Market, securities services such as structured financing;

    · Letter of credit (L/C) and all kinds of vouchers;

    · financial futures, options and other derivatives trading;

    · Disposal of non-performing assets, debt and asset restructuring, investment and merger and acquisition;

    · Restructuring, bankruptcy and liquidation of financial institutions;

    · Shareholding system reform of urban credit cooperatives, rural credit cooperatives and small rural financial institutions;

    · The establishment of insurance companies, corporate governance, management incentives and employee stock ownership planning;

    · Legal support for new insurance companies and legal analysis of localization of foreign products in China;

    · Application and operation plan of insurance funds;

    · Pledge, insurance claim and recovery legal services;

    · Private enterprise financing, investment mergers and acquisitions, insurance companies' secondary debt issuance;

    · Represent interest of insurance companies carrying out litigation or arbitration on matters related to insurance disputes, especially related to marine insurance, inland marine insurance, aviation insurance, hull insurance, integrated logistics insurance, general average and other cases;

    · The establishment and management of a trust company;

    · Legal support for new products entrusted financial management;

    · Establishment, operation and merger of financial companies;

    · Financial innovation and handling relevant legal disputes legal assistance;