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Beijing Great Way Great Win Law Firm established an office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Release time:2019-02-15


      In October, Beijing's autumn was bright and refreshing another good news came from Great Way Great Win Law Firm. On October 28, President Luo Zhangwu of Malaysia-China Lawyers' Federation visited the law firm personally He had a cordial conversation with Director Zhang Wei on the establishment of mutual offices and signed a cooperation agreement, which marked the formal establishment of another overseas office of our  

     The office is located in the beautiful Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Great Way Great Win Law Firm and Luo Zhangwu Law Firm have set up offices. The two parties will join hands and cooperate sincerely to jointly develop the international legal service market.aw Firm.

     Beijing Great Way Great Win Law Firm is the first international law firm in China with a distinctive combination of legal theory research and rule of law practice.


     Great Way Great Win Law Firm has strong strength and resources in many fields of international financial M&A, international trade, Belt and Road and overseas investment, litigation and arbitration, criminal defense, intellectual property, Internet and many other legal services.

       As a service base for overseas Chinese of Beijing Overseas Chinese Office, Great Way Great Win Law Firm has a professional team of international legal services. It has rich experience and wide influence in foreign-related and overseas-related legal services. It also provides professional legal support for the Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Call Center 12308 hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assist consular protection.

      Zhang Wei, Director of the Law Institute, has been engaged in legal services for more than 30 years and has served overseas Chinese for more than 20 years. At the same time, he has served as a perennial legal adviser of the Consular Protection Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a member of the Legal Advisory Committee of the Chinese Federation of Overseas Chinese and a head of the legal advisory group of overseas Chinese in Beijing.

      After the Malaysian Airlines incident in 2014, Director Zhang Wei served as the head of the Legal Advisory Group of the Emergency Command Center, providing 24-hour and all-weather legal services to the bereaved families, protecting their legitimate rights and interests, solving difficult legal disputes and receiving praise from all sides.

     At present, Great Way Great Win Law Firm has established offices in Chicago, Madrid, Spain, Johannesburg, New Zealand, Auckland, Tokyo, Japan and other countries.

       Malaysia Luozhangwu Law Firm was founded on September 1, 2000. Since its inception, it has striven to provide efficient and multi-faceted legal services to domestic and foreign customers. This is why a high-quality lawyer team aims to achieve the basic guarantee of promises to customers and meet the requirements of various types of clients seeking high-level legal services. In addition to Kuala Lumpur, it also provides national legal services in Penang and East Malaysia.

         Lawyer Luo Zhangwu is the president of the Malaysian Chinese Legal Federation and member of the Overseas Lawyers'Committee of Legal Advisers of the Chinese Federation of Overseas Chinese. As a lawyer mainly engaged in legal affairs and a member of the Malaysian-China General Chamber of Commerce and Trade, President Luo Zhangwu has long participated in providing advice and assistance to Chinese enterprises and individuals facing disputes in Malaysia, and has devoted himself to the laws of The exchanges between the two countries will provide legal protection and assistance to Malaysians in China and Chinese in Malaysia, and promote the development of friendly relations between the two countries. At the beginning of the establishment of the Law Institute in 2000, President Luo participated in the work of appeasing the shipwreck in Sabah, and provided legal advice and multiple legal rights protection programs.

       Malaysia plays a decisive role in the construction of the "one belt and one road". China's car has taken root in the field of Malaysia infrastructure, and has made outstanding contributions to the Malaysia rail transportation industry. Judge Zhang Cuiling, who visited me at the same time as President Luo Zhangwu, was a former judge of the Sabah State Court, the chief bookkeeper of the Supreme Court, lawyer and legal adviser of the Enterprise Association. In the Sabah shipwreck, Judge Zhang was appointed by the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia to deal with the shipwreck accident in Sabah State on January 28, 2017.

      The strong alliance between Great Way Great Win Law Firm and Luo Zhangwu Law Firm will help the two sides share resources, actively carry out legal business cooperation in the fields of international investment and trade, international merger and acquisition and reorganization, intellectual property protection, and contribute to the promotion and prosperity of China-foreign economic and trade cooperation.

       With the establishment of overseas offices, the business of Great Way Great Win Law Firm is steadily moving towards globalization, and its overseas influence continues to expand. As a representative of the Chinese law firm and the Chinese legal person going out, he Hongwei law firm will be committed to displaying the Chinese legal personality in the international legal service market, contributing to the escort of Chinese enterprises and citizens, contributing to the construction of "one belt and one road" and contributing to the realization of the great rule of law China dream.